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Balancing Energy Centers 

When are energy flows freely through our energy centers, we feel more vibrant.  We function on a higher vibration.  Higher vibration equals feelings of health and wellness.  Research suggests that balancing this energy can actually impact our bodies chemistry.  

Would you like to learn more about how this simple exercises and applying essential oils can balance these energy centers?  Join Lori's Oil Community for any of our live or video classes to learn more.  

New Moon Intention Class

Do you know that our bodies react to the moon cycle?  When you begin to recognize this, you will see some really interesting patterns in your health and emotions.   Lori's Oil Community comes together once a month to recognize the New Moon and set intentions for what we want more of in our lives.  The energy of the New Moon is an energy of new beginnings.  Join us and create the New Moon Blend for that specific month.