Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

I often get asked what my Chia Seed Pudding recipe is.  At my coffee shop, The Cabin Drive Thru in Stevenson, WA, this is one of our most popular items.  This is a healthy and satisfying meal.  It's also gluten-free and raw-vegan, as well.  Often people ask "what is a chia seed?".  Well, it's a seed from a plant grown in southern Mexico.  They are small and super absorbent.  It's also known for having some medicinal properties. I first discovered the chia seed, when I was running ultra-marathons.  I read somewhere that runners found it helpful to put in their water bottles when running long distances for hydration and energy.  I fell in love with these little gems.  When I discovered Chia Seed Pudding, that was even better tasting.  Chia seeds offer nutritional value with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, protein, antioxidants and fiber.  Also as a runner, the Magnesium and Potassium levels are helpful.   

I often get asked,...

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