Lori's Evening Routine~Epsom Salt Bath Soak

Scheduling morning and evening rituals are one of the simplest ways to implement our self-care routines. Self-Care positively impacts our health and well-being! It’s important!!

Can you spare even 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening to do a few simple self-care routines? For a number of years, I would hear the value of having rituals, but I kept feeling that I didn’t have the time. It took a one-week commitment to taking an evening soak to make me realize just how simple this is. Now, of course there are times when I miss a day, but these routines have brought so much value to my life that they are definitely a high-priority. They became a priority when I made them a priority.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day. Just be grateful for the days that you get to give yourself this gift. The important thing is to take the first steps and do it. Once you begin the task, you will see, this is incredibly simple and you can reap the benefits.

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced:

  1. My mind winds down easily. This is a time that my mind says “I’m done for the day”. I can easily find one more thing to do, but heading to the bath is my time to begin my evening routine.

  2. Better Sleep. I find that I sleep better with an evening soak. I tend to choose essential oils that are calming.

  3. My body-clock knows to be ready for rest. I believe that as my mind turns off for the day, so does my body. It’s signals my body to relax and begin to calm for a restful evenings sleep.

  4. Time for Reflection. This is also a time that I can debrief about my day and think of the day ahead. I can revisit my daily intentions. Take a moment to celebrate and be grateful for all that I’ve accomplished. Forgive myself and give my self grace for the things that I did not complete and focus on positive thoughts. A great step towards Self-Acceptance, as well.

  5. I’ve noticed some physical benefits. I’ve also felt that the soaks have helped with some skin issues and when I’m sore from an active day, I feel it’s been soothing to my muscles.

I look forward to sharing my various routines in future posts. I have found Epsom Salt Baths to be one of my favorite evening rituals. I used to simply tell myself that I don’t have the time, however once I committed to an evening soak, I’ve found that sometimes this is only a 5 minute task. Other evenings, I simply relax and perhaps it’s 15 minutes.


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