Healthy Happy Hair with NO-SHAMPOO!!

It's now been about 1 year since I have used the NO-Shampoo Method of washing my hair.   I don't think I will ever go back to using regular shampoo again.  I have absolutely found some great natural shampoos and conditioners.  I also have some great DIY homemade shampoos and conditioners I can share with you.  Using No-Shampoo has actually given me the feeling of having so much freedom.  Who knew that such a simple product that so many people use everyday could make you feel tied to it, but YES!!! Freedom is real!!  

The natural oils in your hair are good for your hair.  Store-bought shampoos create a cycle of constant hair washing.  Once your hair adjusts, you will find that you don't have to deal with the often oily roots.  FIND FREEDOM!! 

WHY do it?  

Pennies per treatment!! Freedom from buying shampoo!  How much does 2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda cost you?  You can upgrade to some really high end ingredients too, if you wish, because you are saving so much on your DIY products.  I don't have to buy hair products at the store.  

Do your part for the environment!! Not only am I able to re-use my containers, I use less product and the products I'm using are safe to go on your body and down the drain.  You also use less water this way. 

BE EMPOWERED!! You know what you put in your shampoo and what is going on your body.   Think about the chemicals that you are exposing your body, your family, your pets too?  No longer worry about this. 

Other benefits?  My hair feels healthy! My hair dries really quickly, so I don't really need to blow dry my hair.  What I LOVE to do too, is add the essential oils to my hair that I feel I'm drawn to for the day.  This can be for the benefits of my hair, but also for the benefits of my emotional health.  (that is for another blog or class).  I LOVE my hair! 

HOW to go NO-POO?? You Ask? 

Well, you can simply do a search for the No-Poo method and see many other versions of this.  

My journey... I witnessed some people with beautiful hair that use the No-Poo method and thought to give it a try.  I searched how on the internet and began implementing things.  

I went Cold-Turkey with NO Shampoo!!


My NEW no-poo Shampoo (generally addressing the scalp): 

2 tablespoons of Baking Soda (preferably non-aluminum) dissolved in 2 cups of boiling water.  Let cool. Then add essential oils that you like and place in a plastic squeeze bottle in your shower.  

When it's time to wash, I use the point of the squirt bottle to get deep into my roots/scalp. I do this with dry hair.  Really work this mixture into your scalp.  

TOUCH UP no-Poo, DRY POO (for in between washes on the roots)

Combo of 1/2 arrowroot (or corn starch) and 1/2 Baking Soda.  Add essential oils of your choice. Place in a container with wholes on top for sprinkling.  Sprinkle and work into roots if they are looking oily.  For darker hair, you can add some cocoa powder for color. 

My Conditioner (for the rest of my hair and tips)

Check our a really great deep conditioner on my STORE DIY page, however, my simple conditioner is 1/2 castor oil, 1/2 fractionated coconut oil and essential oils of choice.  

I create a mixture that I keep in a glass bottle in my shower.  I apply this to the length and roots of my hair and let set. Then rinse with warm water.  

HOW LONG DOES YOUR HAIR TAKE to get used to this? 

It took my hair about 6 weeks to really adjust to this.  I was washing my hair as above, more often than I do now.  I often wore my hair up in a pony tail or bun too.  It was worth it though.  Now I don't need to wash my hair often.  I will do in between rinses and I use a variety of hair perfumes, hair serums, hair conditioners, etc. during the in between times.  I will share these recipes on another blog.  Some are listed in my STORE webpage under the DIY sections.  

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