Natural Tick Repellant

Natural Solutions on the Trail!! 

One of my favorite parts of my day at The Cabin Drive-Thru is conversing with hikers about their latest hikes in The Columbia River Gorge.  People stop by to fuel and caffeinate and I get to get updates on all the local trails.  By the way, the wild flowers are just about to go crazy out here.  Love this time of year.   You do however, want to be cautious of ticks.  So a few tips I have that I have learned using natural solutions.  

#1  Repel the little critters to begin with.  There are a number of recipes if you did a search for Natural Bug Repellent recipes, however my favorite is a blend of Arborvitae and Cedarwood essential oils.  You can either create a spray bottle of these 2 oils along with some fractionated coconut oil.  A roller bottle or simply put a few drops of all of the above in your hand and put on your body.  Purchase these essential oils at my STORE website above.  

#2 So you got a TICK!!  Get it OFF and OUT of me!!! Try putting a drop of peppermint essential oil over the tick on your skin. Yes, directly on.   This can often do the trick and the little critter will just back itself out of your skin.  

#3 SAFETY MEASURES!! Then to give your immune system some added support, should you have been exposed.  I use doTERRA's On-Guard Softgels.  You may even want to try using some of the hotter oils (with fractionated coconut oil) on the bottom of your feet).  Some of these hotter essential oils: cinnamon bark, thyme, clove, oregano.  

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