About Lori Lishan

Lindsey Bolling Photography

Lindsey Bolling Photography

I have always been drawn to simplicity and nature.  When I became a mother, I was even more concerned with what possibly harmful ingredients could be in each and every item in our home.  It wasn't until I found essential oils, that my curiosity took a major leap.   I have since been intrigued by the power of essential oils for more than just household products and personal care products.   Essential oils have an incredibly energetic power that has incredible benefits to our emotional system and our over all body chemistry.  I'm so blessed that I can share this knowledge with you.  

Who knew that natural solutions to our health and wellness lies here in the simplest form.  By implementing simple daily routines, we can see tremendous benefits.  I've created Lori's Oil Community to be here as a guide, to provide resources and as a space to learn and support one another as we further explore the power of nature in a bottle.  

A little about me personally....I live in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge with my husband, Scott.  You can visit us at The Cabin Drive-Thru where we put our oils to work in food and drink.  My B.A. is in Human Development and M.A. in Education.  I have always enjoyed teaching and understanding human behavior.  I love being on the trails.  I am currently training to be back running ultra-marathons.   For those that have a similar calling as myself, I am here to help you discover the time freedom of being an entrepreneur.  

It is now my life work to bless every home these empowering tools for living a high vibe lifestyle!!