Nature's Tools for Emotional Balance & Healthy Living

A place for you to explore natural tools for emotional well-being and living in balance.  Apply these simple, natural tools tools daily and bring more joy and simplicity to your life.  THIS IS the Self-Care Tool box you have been waiting for. 



Essential Oils Made Easy

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We provide support and education so you can be empowered to create a healthy, natural lifestyle. 

WHEN: Saturday's @ 10 am PST 


May 9th: Oils for Every Age 

May 16th: Essential Skin Care

May 23rd: Sleep, Stress and Mood 

May 30th: Women's Health & Hormones 


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Key Components of YOUR Healthy Toolbox

Join our community and create YOUR Self-Care Toolbox today!

Positive Mindset

Tools to create a positive mindset and feel balanced energetically.  Listen in on the podcast episodes to learn how to live a high vibe lifestyle. 

Nature's Gifts

The coupling of tools from our kitchen and the earths purest essential oils can be all you need to support a vibrant lifestyle. 

Grow Your Resources & Recipes Library

Our resources and recipes continue to grow over time.  Join our community and access our library.  

BENEFITS of Daily Routines with Natural Tools 

  • Experience reduced stress & feelings of overwhelm

  • Show up for others in your life.  

  • Experience better sleep and mood.

  • Fall in love with your beautiful self.  


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Wake up with more energy to do the things you love to do. Save time and money when you incorporate non-toxic products into your daily lifestyle. It's too simple not to.

Check out the many episodes of Coffee & Chi with Lori Lishan Podcast to listen in on simple high vibe tips.  Lori brings you guests with natural tips to create a high vibe lifestyle.  

Lori shares her personal experiences with natural tools in her blog. 

Schedule a wellness consultation with Lori and let's discover a personalized plan just for you and your family.  

A Note from Lori......

Thank you for visiting my website. After what feels like a lifetime of emotional ups and downs. I began searching for natural tools that create more balance in my life. I've had a 6 year journey of self-discovery, life transformation and finally finding a way to cope with my own deep emotional struggles without medication. I'm so passionate about what I have to share that I created a new career for myself, after 10 years as a Professional Educator. Living this way has changed my life and I'm excited to share this with you. Save money, time and energy when you practice these lifestyle tools. I live in The Columbia River Gorge in Stevenson, Washington with my husband and best friend, Scott. My passion is helping others to discover the tools that work best for them for over-all well-being. I'd love for you to join our community and let's show the world that there is a healthier way to joy and vibrant living. ~ Lori Lishan, Wellness Advocate

Nourish your body daily with the gifts of the earth.  Raise your vibration and experience the ease of vibrant daily living. 

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